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The Predator is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Hunter and Subder at level 45.

The Predator's stats very good but not good reload speed because of how many barrels there are but maybe they might buff the predator later in the future.

The predator's weakness is unknown as the wiki hasn't found out about its weakness is but its worst enemy is the Rocket Booster as it's to fast and has very good body damage but you choose the right build to really destroy one of them and if not, then you won't be able to kill a skilled predator.

We don't know the best build for the predator as it has tons of possibilities to have the best build because they have there own build which is really good but we don't know the best build and nor the developers as they never ever found out the best build.

It's easiest enemy is all the Tier 2 tanks except lancer

The reason why lancer is not included to it is because it can destroy the bullet with the lance which is the tip of its point.