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The Pulsar Lite is a rare, but strong Sentry based off the Pulsar with at least 5 times as much health as a level 60 tank.


The Pulsar Lite is a magenta-like irregular hexagon with an indentation on the back. A powerful launcher turret is nested in that indentation. The sentry looks a bit similar to the Semi-Crusher.


The Pulsar Lite has a lot of health, and, despite its slowness, usually kills at least one AI (sometimes even a player) before it is itself killed. Once killed, it drops 5000 base Experience and any experience it picked up from killing players and AI.

The Pulsar Lite's launcher turret should not be ignored either; the bullets can heavily damage distracted or careless players and leave them vulnerable.


  • The Pulsar Lite was added on 24 December 2018. It was originally called the Semi-Crusher Sentry, but was renamed at a later, unknown date.
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