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The Quintet is a boss that was added secretly, no exact date is known. Currently, it is on the TESTBED bosses branch mainly due to the fact of how blatantly OP it is.


Quintet has a pentagon light gray base with five large pink triangles forming a Pentagon in the center. On each side, Quintet has a pink triangle with a drone spawner at the back, which look like Guardians.


Quintet has a low movement speed and medium health, and it always spins. Quintet spawns hundreds of devastating swarm drones at a very fast rate. Each swarm drone is slightly stronger than the Probationer drones, has slightly more health and damage, and very high speed, same as Mini Lightning.


Currently does not spawn.


Quintet is incredibly overpowered, has devastating swarm drones that can teams of tanks within a second. Swarm drones can lock on multiple players, have high speed and range, rendering most strategies useless. Even large teams will unlikely be able to hold swarm drones at the bay and will be eliminated by Quintet. As such, whenever you see a Quintet you are usually screwed, but you must try to run away. If swarm drones did not lock you and are not respawning, you are lucky and have a single option - RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Killing Quintet is far harder than killing all normal bosses, and a vast majority of TESTBED bosses, so it will take a lot of players to kill it. There are not many strategies that will work, the complicated defense will fail, and a fiery attack will be fruitless. There is only one known way of killing Quintet with normal tanks, and it will require at least 9 players in the same team, which is VERY unlikely. The same method may work for EK-5 and TK-4, but will require far more players - you should use Hexa Builders. Hexa builders have surprisingly strong blocks for defense, and nine hexa builders are enough to completely neglect swarm drones of Quintet. You should all keep yourself close to each other, always spin, and always fire. This will allow you to create a nearly impenetrable barrier, and protect yourself from swarm drones. When Quintet will approach your blocks, it will take massive damage and inevitably die. VPN is nearly useless since a lot of swarm drones circle around Quintet even if it does not target anything.


  • It is basically a boss version of the splitter pentagon
  • Quintet means a group of five people, in this case this is five guardians making the definition.


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