The Red Runner is a tiered crasher with a special ability to tier up after a period of time and become stronger. It has 4 tiers.


The Red Runner was added to Woomy on 19 March 2020. On the same day, Triangles were given the chance to evolve into a tier 2 Red Runner. On 26 March 2020, the top two tiers' health and body damage were nerfed.


Tier Picture Experience Health
Red Runner Tier 1.png
5 10
Red Runner Tier 2.png
Red Runner Tier 3.png
Red Runner Tier 4-0.png


Red Runner on the leaderboard.

The Red Runner can spawn in the Pentagon Nest as tier 1. It can also spawn in Triangle Sanctuary Nests as any tier, but usually tier 2. Triangles have a chance of evolving into a tier 2 Red Runner instead of a Pentagon; however, there is the same chance to evolve into a Triblade, making both instances quite rare. Tier 3 red runners are rare but can spawn. It takes two minutes for full evolution.

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