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​​​​​​Redistributor is a tier 5 tank upgrading from Oscilloscope and Annihilator at level 60.


Redistributor's gun resembles that of Oscilloscope, but much shorter and thicker.


Redistributor has the same FoV as Sniper. It has incredibly poor reload and a considerable delay before firing but the most durable bullets in the game, capable of one-shotting all playable tanks, including Coiffure, and one or two-shotting many bosses. Its bullets are rather small and it has a lot of recoil, however.


It upgrades from Oscilloscope and Annihilator at level 60 and does not upgrade further.


As the Redistributor

  • It is imperative you avoid groups of foes, be they other players, bosses, or crashers, as you cannot fight multiple foes at once.
  • Stay next to an allied Atrophy. It can provide some healing and emergency poison bullets.
  • Try to avoid wasting shots, you should try to always have a bullet on demand.
  • Redistributor is perfect at killing tanks which create barriers, such as Kukri, Hexa-Trapper, or Octo-Mini Grower. It is extremely valuable later in the game in Domination modes, where there may be clumps of tanks defending the their last Dominator.

Against the Redistributor

  • Use a sniping tank; if its recoil doesn't bring it out of your range, it's screwed.
  • With some trap upgrades and a decent barricade, Tera Trapper can easily block Redistributor's fully upgraded stabilizer bullet.
  • Keep an eye out for its bullets and dodge them.
  • Bring it near other players if you're in a team mode, it cannot fight multiple foes at once effectively.
  • If you’re using an Underseer branch tank, try leading it to the corner of the map and finish it off with your sunchips.
  • Spread out your bullets, drones, and sunchips around it, then attack. Redistributor can't block more than one attack at a time.


  • Redistributor's bullet resembles a spike with a hexagonal base.


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