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Sanctuaries are entities that regularly spawn with numerous shapes surrounding them. Each sanctuary spawns a boss except the Golden Sanctuary, which spawns a Golden Nonagon. If a Necromancer-like drone turns a sanctuary's shape into another Necromancer-like drone and the new drone dies, the sanctuary will not spawn a new shape.


Sanctuaries were added shortly before changelogs. However, they have been buffed and nerfed numerous times. Nests were added to most sanctuaries in 2020. On PATCH 11/14/2019 (2) they were temporarily stopped from spawning bosses upon their death, the next day after on PATCH 11/15/2019 (1) they were able to spawn bosses on death again.


Name of sanctuary Image Information Rarity
Egg Sanctuary Egg Sanctuary.png Egg Sanctuaries are the weakest sanctuary. The sanctuary produces about 3 dozen giant eggs. Egg launchers have large recoil, helping egg sanctuary escape from a tank targeting it and sometimes making the sanctuary collide with one. When they are killed they spawn an EK-1, which can evolve into a EK-2. Very Common (can spawn back to back)
Golden Sanctuary
Golden Sanctuaries are a very strong variant of the egg sanctuary. It is smaller than an egg sanctuary and has immense health, which makes killing golden sanctuary quite challenging. It also regenerates fast, meaning golden sanctuary's egg launchers are really helpful for it. The sanctuary behaves similarly to the egg sanctuary but generates a Golden Nonagon when it is destroyed. The Golden Nonagon can evolve into a Golden Icosagon and the Golden Icosagon can spawn a Mladic. Rare
Square Sanctuary
Square Sanctuaries produce about 2 dozen giant squares and generate with numerous regular and green squares as well as Quadral Squares, Splitter Squares, Super Splitter Squares, and Summoner Squares. The sanctuary spawns a Summoner upon death. Mildly Common
Triangle Sanctuary
Triangle Sanctuaries produce about 18 giant triangles and generate with regular and green triangles as well as Sentries, Guardian Lites, Crashers, and Red Runners of various tiers. They generate a Defender upon death. Mildly Common
Pentagon Sanctuary
Pentagon Sanctuaries produce about a dozen large pentagons and generate with regular pentagons as well as green pentagons, Crushers, and sometimes sentries. They generate a Leviathan upon death. Rare
Crasher Sanctuary Crasher Sanctuary.PNG Crasher Sanctuaries spawn large Crashers, known to be very op in Developer Events. It spawns a Guardian on death. Rare
Bowed Sanctuary
Bowed Sanctuaries spawn pretty strong giant squares, and they have a Wrecking Ball auto-turret. It spawns a Bow on death. Mildly Common
Snowball Sanctuary
Snowball Sanctuary is the same as Egg Sanctuary and Golden Sanctuary, only it spawns a Snowflake on death. Rare
Burnt Sanctuary
Burnt Sanctuary seems the same as Egg Sanctuary but it does not spawn anything, due to it's immense amount of health it is unknown what spawns when it dies. Very Rare
Mega Sanctuary
Mega Sanctuaries have 9 turrets which don't shoot. It spawns a Black Pentagon on death. Developer Only