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The Semi-Swarm Crusher is a crusher that looks like the Semi-Crusher but much smaller.

This is a special crasher that can only spawn by the death of an Explosive Crusher. They spawn only in groups of 3-12 and since so many spawn it could take massive damage to someone who rams into the Explosive Crusher.


Their just a smaller Semi-Crusher. Self explanatory.


This crusher is VERY dangerous only if their still in the Explosive Crusher with full health. These deal incredible damage when in groups of 12. Do NOT underestimate an explosive crusher if your a ram tank. An explosive crusher alone can kill a player has a glass build only if it has full health and splits into 7+ more semi-swarm crushers. This small crusher is pretty fast as well.


This isn't a big threat when its only three of them. But the big problem is killing an explosive crusher with twelve semi swarm crushers. Try to kill it with a tank with high spread and decent reload like Penta Shot, Flamethrower, or Sprayer. The Explosive crusher isn't too hard to kill. Just avoid ramming it.

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