Sentries are powerful and special entities that usually have strong turrets on top of their base. Most sentries are based around lesser Crashers and Bosses. Some are able to generate bosses after they are killed. Sentries usually spawn in the Pentagon Nest or around sanctuaries.


Name Picture Experience Given Turret Type
Ranger Sentry.png
3000 Sniper
3000 Pounder
3000 Trapper
3000 Basic
Quadral Square 3000 Basic
Guardian Lite 3000 Guardian Drone
PS3_33 Lite 5000 Green Guardian Drone
Collider Lite 10000 Machine
Flash Sentry
Flash Sentry.png
2000 Machine (boost)
Deltrablade Lite
Deltrablade Lite.png
5000 Pounder
Elite Skimmer Lite ? Skimmer
Pulsar Lite
5000 Launcher (boost)
Swarming Square ? sunchip swarm
AWP-39 Lite
AWP-39 lite.png
? Redistributor

Sentries (TESTBED)

Name Picture Given Experience Turret/Weapon Type
Varp Drone Launcher
Flash Sentry Gunner (boost)
Regular Crashers CrasherDasherDestroyerFlashGrouperLong BoyPoison Tri-BladeSemi-CrusherSummoner SquareTrapezoid CrasherTri-BladePhaserWaller
Crushers AsteroidCrusherExplosive CrusherIce CrusherMega CrusherVis DestructicaWallet
Tiering Crashers Red Runner
Developer-Only Crashers Blue RunnerClutter
Sentries Flash SentrySentryQuadral SquareScorcher SentryOrbit
Lites Collider LiteDeltrablade LiteElite Skimmer LiteGuardian LitePS3_33 LitePulsar Lite
TESTBED VarpAWP-39 LiteSwarming SquareFlash Sentry (Gunner)
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