The Sentry is a pink triangular sentry that has a ranger, pounder, or trapper turret on top. It automatically fires at nearby players and chases them if they venture too close. The bullets do decent damage and can kill an unprepared player.


Sentries were originally in However, the bullets rarely did damage and were slow. In Woomy Arras, the Sentry is much stronger, has faster bullets, and deals higher damage. The ranger sentry was added on 27 May 2018.


The Sentry has four possible designs - Ranger, Pounder, Trapper, and Guardian.

Ranger Sentry

The Ranger Sentry features a ranger auto-turret that can attack players out of their FoV. The bullets are fast and deal about 20 damage.

Pounder Sentry

The Pounder Sentry is the most common sentry and features a pounder auto-turret that fires powerful but relatively slow bullets.

Trapper Sentry

Trapper Sentries are rare, often spawning once for every 5 Pounder Sentries. They feature a trap auto turret that fires weak but fast traps.

Guardian Sentry

As common as Pounder sentries but attacks using small crashers that have low stats but they are spawned with medium to high speed and have medium to high speed. The crashers despawn after a certain time.


All sentries have the same health, 250, and give the same experience, 3000. They also have high body damage, as is typical of crushers and sentries.

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