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The Shooting Star is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Booster and the Rocket at level 60.


The Shooting Star has four trapezoidal, Machine Gun barrels on its back and a Basic gun on its front.


The Shooting Star's back cannons deal low damage, and have high recoil. The turret on the front deals moderate damage with a moderate rate of fire. The back cannons' recoil makes the Shooting Star the fastest in-game tank.


The Shooting Star upgrades from the Booster.png Booster and the Rocket.png Rocket at level 60.

The Shooting Star cannot upgrade as it is a Tier 5 tank.


As the Shooting Star

  • Use the Shooting Star's speed to attack suddenly and then retreat quickly. The opponent may panic, making their aim pretty bad.
  • If used as a ramming build, the Shooting Star's speed makes it very annoying.
  • Use your speed to your full advantage (Tip: Look down at trivia to get the fastest build of this tank.) when retreating or rushing an enemy.
  • Do not turn back and shoot the enemy if not using the rammer build. Do not taunt the enemy (by shooting, if speeding away, then you are fine from this), or try to ward it off if you are at low health and are retreating. Your booster-turrets will also activate, and with the boosters on, you may get hit easily by the enemy. You may also start moving toward the enemy's ammunition, and if you are holding down they key to go backward with your booster turrets still on, you may stop moving or go your intended direction very, very slowly. This will give your opponent a huge advantage, and they will quickly finish you off unless you manage to have a miracle or if the opponent is at very low health, or you realize what you are doing and retreat.

Against the Shooting Star

  • The Shooting Star has no cannons that shoots directly backwards, thus opening up a vulnerable spot.
  • The back barrels do little damage. They are ineffective against the average bullet spammer.
  • As the Shooting Star has little momentum control at that speed, a Shooting Star with a ramming build can miss easily if you simply move aside.



  • The Shooting Star was designed by moouse and was added to the game on August 19, 2018.
  • By using max movement speed and upgrading 3 reload, the shooting star will go insanely fast, possibly making it the fastest playable tank (besides TESTBED tanks) in Woomy-Arras.io.
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