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The Skimmer is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Launcher.


The Skimmer has a circular body with a large gun on the front. In that gun there is a smaller machine-gun looking barrel.


The Skimmer fires missiles and not bullets. The missiles look like the back of the Propeller or Tri-Angle. The bullets are quite fast as they do have the two barrels boosting the bullet but they are not quite as fast as the Rocketeer bullet.

The skimmer bullets are actually stronger than you'd think as they go in high speeds and the bullets are very durable and they also deal alot of damage when you use the OP Glass Build because they go so fast. The missile's bullet is very weak and deal very little damage.


The Skimmer upgrades from the Launcher at level 45.

The skimmer can upgrade into the following:


As the Skimmer

Against the Skimmer


A high resolution picture of the Skimmer