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The Smasher is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Lancer at level 30. 


The Smasher has a circular body with a hexagonal black shell. The shell rotates automatically.


The Smasher's only weapon is its body damage. It has increased base health and body damage than normal tanks.

Upon upgrading to the Smasher, all upgrades spent on bullets (Bullet Speed, Bullet Health, Bullet Penetration, and Bullet Damage) are refunded, and Reload is replaced with Acceleration. The Smasher also has an increased stat cap of 12 points, compared to normal tanks' maximum of 9 points.


The Smasher upgrades from the Lancer.png Lancer at level 30.

The Smasher upgrades into the following:


As the Smasher

  • Upgrade your Body Damage, Max Health, and Movement Speed to the maximum. Body damage is your only weapon, so you will need high speed.
  • Acceleration will help you change direction more quickly.

Against the Smasher

  • High DPS is effective against the Smasher, although beware that you may need some speed to retreat from it.
  • Destroyer-branch tanks are great against the Smasher. Your high damage and recoil will make up for the low reload.
  • Sniper branch is also effective killing it, although it's much easier to use tanks with similar bullets and movement stats as Sniper.


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