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The Sounder is a Tier 4 Tank that branches from the Cruiser, the Borer, the Twin Sniper and the Mini Lightning.


(7/9/2018) The Sounder has been added to the game.


The Sounder has a circular body and 2 long trapezoid cannons on the its front. The trapezoid cannons are like the Cruiser's and the long cannons make reference to the Borer the Borer and the Twin Sniper also have dual cannons like the Sounder.


This tank has longer range and has faster drones then the Cruiser.


The Sounder upgrades from the Cruiser.png Cruiser, Borer.png Borer ,Twin Sniper.png Twin Sniper and the Mini Lightning.png Mini Lightning at level 45.

The Sounder upgrades to the following:


As the Sounder

  • Keep some distance from your enemy, so its harder for them to shoot you, since the tank has longer range.
  • You can hide behind a rock and attack your enemy when the rock is shielding you.

Against the Sounder

  • If you are a fast tank or a smasher, it's pretty easy to dodge the drones of the Sounder and kill it.
  • Try to get closer to the tank so you can shoot at it. However, the Sounder can also shoot at you.


  • This page has been made at the same day and the same month as the Sounder has added to the game (7/9/2018).


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