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The Specialist is a Tier 5 Tank that upgrades from the Auto-Double and the Corporal at level 60.


The Specialist has two trap launchers on its front and an identical pair on its back. Each launcher is offset from the center to make room for the other lancher. Also, the Specialist has an auto turret in the center of the tank.


The Specialist has two pairs of launchers that fire traps at an increased rate, much like the Twin Trapper.

From the Corporal, the Specialist adds an auto-turret that aims at nearby enemy and can detect some hidden tanks.


The Specialist upgrades from the Auto-Double.png Auto-Double and Corporal.png Corporal at level 60.

The Specialist cannot upgrade as a tier 5 tank.


As the Specialist

  • Do not overestimate the auto-turret. It is quite weak and will unlikely prove useful.
  • Stay away from builders and minion branches; they can easily kill you.
  • Use your auto-turret to detect and catch up with the enemy if he is fleeing.
  • You place traps in two positions and faster than the Trapper.

Against the Specialist

  • The Specialist's lack of side guns makes it somewhat vulnerable from those angles before they can turn and cover them. The auto-turret does not really help much. Minions can easily kill this tank.
  • The Auto-Turret does little damage. Think of Specialist as a Corporal with slightly higher FoV.
  • Do not try to go invisible near the Specialist: you may be detected.


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