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Disambig.png This article is about the minion-controlling tank upgrading from Hivemind. For splitting shapes, see Splitter Shapes.

The Splitter is a Tier 5 Tank that upgrades from the Hivemind at level 60. It controls a massive number of miniature minions.


The Splitter has a circular body with a thick outline. It has no visible guns.


The Splitter controls 20 minion tanks that fire on enemies. It respawns them very quickly. While each minion is relatively weak, it makes up for that in their numbers.


The Splitter upgrades from the Hivemind.png Hivemind at level 60.

The Splitter cannot upgrade into any tank.


As the Splitter

  • With the sheer amount of minions you control, you can easily surround enemies with your minions.
  • The minions can also be used to ram into enemies as they have a sizeable health pool.
  • The Splitter is also great for killing big polygons like Alpha Pentagon or bosses like EK-1.

Against the Splitter

  • Like most other drone tanks, the Splitter has no defense of its own, so getting around the tank will grant you access to free damage.


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