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A Splitter Hexagon is a Splitter Shape that spawns two Trapezoid Crashers upon death. This shape is the only way for trapezoid crasher to spawn.


Splitter Hexagon was added into the game on 03/20/2020, along with trapezoid crashers.


Splitter Hexagon has 20 health and gives about 80 experience. Upon its destruction it will spawn 2 trapezoid crashers.

Splitter Hexagon may evolve into the following:


Splitter Hexagon looks like two yellowish trapezoids forming a hexagon.


Considering the fact it does not give much experience and its relative rarity, it is not a good way to level up. Still, it can be used to gain some experience as a low-tier tank. However, Splitter Decagons have far more experience and can evolve from Splitter Hexagon. As such, farming splitter shapes and waiting until Splitter Hexagon evolves further is a good idea, since you will receive many experience in the end. Refer to Splitter Square page for more information about splitter shape farming.

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