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The Square Sanctuary is one of the Sanctuaries in Woomy-Arras.io. It generates a small nest and spawns a Summoner upon death.


The Square Sanctuary is shaped like a square, with four trapezoidal spawners on each side.


The Square Sanctuary has 1250 health, and gives 130000 experience. Due to having four spawners, it suffers much less overall recoil.


The nest can consist of the following entities:

  • Square
  • Green Square
  • Orange Square
  • Splitter Square
  • Super Splitter Square
  • Quadral Square
  • Summoner Square


The Square Sanctuary spawns a Summoner on death.


As with all sanctuaries, the main obstacle to killing the Square Sanctuary is its Sentries, which in this case are Quadral Squares. They have decent firepower, which you should not underestimate. You should kill them one by one, as they can easily overwhelm you. Getting them apart shouldn't be a big challenge, as they spawn far apart anyways. High DPS tanks or bullet spammers are recommended to take them down.

As part of a recent update, the Underseer branch can now infect Sanctuary shapes. The best tank for this job is the Necromancer branch. Just collect the squares the Square Sanctuary spawns, and ram them into the Sanctuary.


  • The Square Sanctuary's appearance resembles Summoner but their differences are barrel size.


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