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The Subduer is a Tier 2 Tank upgrading from the Basic at level 15. Its upgrades involve having multiple, stacked barrels.


The Subduer has a circular body and two thin guns: both of them located in front and stacked on each other. The inner gun is thinner and longer than the outer gun.


The Subduer gains a slightly increased FoV and an additional gun when it is upgraded to. This lets the player fire two bullets per shot, one after the other. The smaller gun deals slightly less damage than the main one, and its bullets are slightly smaller.


The Subduer upgrades from the Basic.png Basic at level 15.

The Subduer can upgrade to the following:


As the Subduer

The Subduer features 2 bullets per shot, which can expand your options.

  • With smart fire and autofire timing you can make both guns fire at the same time or in an alternating manner.
  • When aiming, try to aim the second bullet to where your enemy might move.

Against the Subduer

The Subduer's bullets are still relatively weak but speedy.

  • Tanks with high firepower can easily outgun the Subduer.


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