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Summoner Square is a pale yellow crasher that can spawn in a variety of ways. However, it most commonly spawns from Summoner or Splitter Squares.


It is unknown when Summoner Squares were added, but Splitter Squares were added on 19 March 2020. Summoner Squares were nerfed the next day. As of 6 April 2020, Destroyer crashers may carry a Summoner Square inside their gap, which makes them larger and also more damaging. Food-based Summoner Squares's (evolving from Square) damage and health were slightly nerfed on 28 April 2020


Summoner Square is a pale yellow square.



Summoner Square can spawn from the following:

  • Squares after 60 seconds
  • Summoner drone spawners
  • Splitter Squares
  • The death of a Destroyer crasher carrying a Summoner Square.


The Summoner Square has about 10 health and gives between 20 and 30 experience upon killing it. When spawned from the Summoner the crasher is slightly weaker and gives no experience.

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