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The Switcheroo is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Basic at level 60. It is originally a Basic but can transform into any Tier 1 tank and the Basic by pressing Q.


The Switcheroo is shaped like a water drop, with the tapered end facing backward. Otherwise, the switcheroo looks like a normal tank.


The tank assumes the size, characteristics, and stats of the next tank upon pressing Q. Switching tiers takes 1 second during which you cannot attack.

The order of 'upgrades' is as follows:

Tank Picture Name
Basic Switcheroo (Basic).png Switcheroo (Ba)
Twin Switcheroo (Twin).png Switcheroo (Tw)
Flank Guard Switcheroo (Flank Guard).png Switcheroo (Fl)
Sniper Switcheroo (Sniper).png Switcheroo (Sn)
Machine Gun Switcheroo (Machine Gun).png Switcheroo (Ma)
Pounder Switcheroo (Pounder).png Switcheroo (Po)
Director Switcheroo (Director).png Switcheroo (Di)
Pelleter Switcheroo (Pelleter).png Switcheroo (Pe)
Trapper Switcheroo (Trapper).png Switcheroo (Tr)
Propeller Switcheroo (Propeller).png Switcheroo (Pr)
Auto-2 Switcheroo (Auto-2).png Switcheroo (Au)
Minishot Switcheroo (Minishot).png Switcheroo (Mi)
Lancer Switcheroo (Lancer).png Switcheroo (La)
Auto-Basic Switcheroo (Auto-Basic).png Switcheroo (A-B)
Single Switcheroo (Single).png Switcheroo (Si) Removed from the restored version
Basebrid Switcheroo (Basebrid).png Switcheroo (Hy)
Subduer Switcheroo (Subduer).png Switcheroo (Su)
Mini Grower Switcheroo (Mini Grower).png Switcheroo (Mg)
Inceptioner Switcheroo (Inceptioner).png Switcheroo (In) Removed from the restored version


The Switcheroo upgrades from the Basic.png Basic at level 60.

The Switcheroo does not upgrade to any other tank.


As the Switcheroo

  • There are many combinations of tanks to switch from and to that can counter other tanks. You can switch in a circle, and stay as one tank until you need to switch to finish off a tank or fight a tank is it stronger than you or counters you.
  • Use a build that would work for all tanks. Most level 15 tanks would do great with 4 bullet speed, but some (Director, Trapper) would need a bit more and others (Lancer) would do better with less. It depends on which classes you would play most and pick a general build that would fit all of them.
  • As a Twin, you can switch twice to Sniper for extra FOV to finish off tanks after you've brought them down to low health.
  • As a Sniper, you can switch to Machine Gun for extra reload and recoil to escape lance/ram tanks.
  • Machine Gun has a lot of bullet spread, so you can switch to Pounder to have more focused fire and bullets that deal a lot of damage.
  • If you are able to, switch from Pounder to Director, which would be the ideal tank to kill players and AIs. Make sure you have the time to reload your drones before switching to Director, because it is defenseless without its drones.
  • Director is strong, but also very vulnerable to certain classes. As Director, switch once to Pelleter to deal damage to lance/ram tanks, and switch to Trapper and Propeller respectively for more damage and speed if you have the time to do so.
  • When no one is attacking you, you can set down lots of traps as a Trapper and switch twice to Minishot to be able to have good range with some traps laying around for defense.
  • As a Propeller, switch once to Minishot to back away from a strong/faster tank quickly while dealing heavy damage to it.
  • As a Minishot, switch twice to Lancer to run away from high penetration tanks or fight other lance tanks. You wouldn't want to use Lancer too much for attacking because lancer builds are usually much different than other level 15 tank builds, and the lack of movement speed would be bad.
  • As a Lancer, switch once to Auto-Basic for more range and good penetration.
  • Auto-Basic is strong in general, but you may need to switch twice to Basebrid if you need to kill someone who is staying in the rocks with your hybrid drones.
  • As a Basebrid, you can switch once to Subduer for more damage against melee and ram classes, or switch twice to Mini Grower to defend against a high penetration tank before you can switch again.
  • Subduer and Mini Grower aren't ideal to fight most tanks with, so you can switch once to Inceptioner for extra range or damage, or switch to three times to Twin, which is the ideal tank for penetration and damage.

Against the Switcheroo

  • Get a shot in while it is changing tanks. The Switcheroo animation is pretty quick, but it is still defenseless when switching.
  • Try to predict when they will switch and know what tank comes after the one they're playing as and make sure it doesn't counter you.
  • If the Switcheroo is in its Pounder form, play aggressively and try to make it switch tiers because the tanks after Pounder (Director, Pelleter, Trapper) take time to build a defense or aren't strong in general.
  • If the Switcheroo is in its Minishot form, try to damage it to make it run away and switch, because the tanks after it (Auto-2, Lancer) aren't very strong or don't have enough range. If they survive after switching to Lancer, they will switch to Auto-Basic, which is much stronger. Try to finish them off before they can switch three times.



The Switcheroo was added on December 8th, 2018, and originally upgraded from Hivemind. This was later changed to upgrade from Basic at level 60. On January 2nd, 2019, the Propeller, Minishot, and Auto-2 were added to the tier changing system. Lancer, Subduer, Single, and Basebrid were added in January and March.

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