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The Trapeze is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Contagion and the Borer at level 45.


The Trapeze has a circular body and a Trapper gun in front. It also has two thin barrels underneath its Trapper gun.

In its second form, the Trapper gun moves underneath its double barrels.


Its main form, its Trap Form, fires traps at a moderate pace, similar to the Trapper. These durable traps last for an extended period time and deal heavy damage to anything that touches them.

In its Bullet Form, it fires small bullets at a fast pace. These bullets do not have much penetration however, but can deal a bit of damage.

The Trapeze can switch between its two forms by using the right mouse button or Shift key.


The Trapeze upgrades from the Contagion.png Contagion and the Borer.png Borer at level 45.

The Trapeze can upgrade to the following:


As the Trapeze

  • Switch between your Trap and Bullet forms as needed. Traps at better at protection at close range, while your bullets have much more range and can contest enemies at long range.
  • Be wary of the delay when you transform, leaving you unable to shoot.
  • Try to attack ram bots as much as possible since they are weak against both forms.

Against the Trapeze

  • Both forms of the Trapeze are low-tier tanks which do not have that much power.
  • Drone and swarm type tanks like Cartographer and Dart are quite effective against both forms.
  • Both forms do not have a lot of range so try to stay at distance where Trapeze cannot hit you.


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