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Triangle Sanctuaries are a type of shape sanctuary that protects triangles. Upon spawning, it brings a slew of shapes, sentries and crashers. Upon death, a Defender is spawned to avenge it. It gives about 30,000 experience upon death.


The Triangle Sanctuary was originally the Alpha Triangle. However, on 20 September 2019 the shape became a Sanctuary for Triangles.

Beginning 21 March 2020, the sanctuary, like all others, spawned a nest. This nest includes Sentries, Triangles, Crashers, Red Runners, and Green Triangles.


The Triangle Sanctuary cannot spawn if another sanctuary or boss spawned from a sanctuary is on the map. The sanctuary spawns with a Triangle Nest. The entities that may reside within the triangle nest are as follows.

Upon killing the Triangle Sanctuary, a Defender will spawn to avenge it.


The Triangle Sanctuary has approximately 2000 HP, assuming a level 60 tank with no health, shield, or body damage points has 100 HP. The sanctuary will give about 30,000 experience upon death.

The sanctuary nest spawns about 20 triangles (green triangles is included) and produces about 18 large triangles. The nest spawns 3-4 Sentries, 5-6 Crashers, and 2-4 Red Runners.

Defeating the Nest

In order to defeat a Triangle Sanctuary and Nest, one must take a strong tank, preferably one that can shield against the sentry bullets or take them out quickly. One must also be wary of the green triangles and Red Runners, especially tier 3 Red Runners, as they can kill you.

Once the hostile shapes are defeated, the Triangle Sanctuary can now be attacked. The triangle sanctuary has a lot of HP and regenerates health quickly, so high DPS tanks such as Hepta Shot, Mace, or Hotliner should be used. If it is a team effort, the kill may be shared between one or more players.

As part of a recent update, the Underseer branch can now infect Sanctuary shapes. The best tank for this job is the Trimancer. Just collect the triangles the Triangle Sanctuary spawns, and ram them into the Sanctuary.


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