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The Twin Sniper is a Tier 3 Tank upgrading from the Twin and the Sniper at level 30.


The Twin Sniper has a circular base with two long guns in front.


Like the Sniper, the Twin Sniper has increased FoV and strong, fast bullets. The Twin Sniper's two guns let it fire at a much faster rate as well.


The Twin Sniper upgrades from the Twin.png Twin and the Sniper.png Sniper at level 30.

The Twin Sniper can upgrade to the following:


As the Twin Sniper

  • The Twin Sniper has characteristics of both the Twin's reload and the Sniper's power.
  • Lead your shots to account for enemy tanks' movement, especially when fighting at a long distance.
  • The Twin Sniper can take on enemies at close range better thanks to its high rate of fire, but still will struggle somewhat.
  • Use your higher FoV to avoid tanks stronger than you and engage with tanks you're strong against.
  • Stack your bullets to make act like a sniper. This is better than not stacking in some cases.

Against the Twin Sniper

  • Drone tanks can easily overwhelm a Twin Sniper even with its increased firepower. Beware of the Twin Sniper firing back, though!
  • Tanks with strong firepower can overpower the Twin Sniper's bullets and force them to retreat.
  • Mobile tanks can outmaneuver the Twin Sniper's shots and get close.


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