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The Twinbrid is a Tier 3 Tank upgrading from the Twin and the Basebrid at level 30.


The Twinbrid has a circular body with a Twin gun in front and a Basebrid drone spawner on its back.


The Twinbrid's front guns together have a fast rate of fire and shoot a strong stream of bullets. Its AI drone spawner spawns 3 uncontrollable drones that automatically attack nearby shapes and enemies, like the Basebrid. It can spawn up to a maximum of three drones.


The Twinbrid upgrades from the Twin.png Twin and the Basebrid.png Basebrid at level 30.

The Twinbrid can upgrade to the following:


As the Twinbrid

  • Your AI drones can provide extra protection from tanks while your main guns do the firing.
  • Auto-drones do not have as much range as auto-turrets, so expect them to only attack close enemies. However, they can chase enemies quite far once they lock onto entities which provides stable backup and provides solid defence against rammers.
  • The Twinbrid's guns provide ample firepower from the front while your drones can attack from a different angle. This will either distract the enemy, allowing you to take advantage and kill them, or force the enemy to a retreat.

Against the Twinbrid

  • The Twinbrid's drone spawner has a very low reload rate and take a long time to respawn, especially when all your drones are destroyed very quickly. As it is a focused bullet spammer, the best strategy is to attack from both sides and overwhelm it such as a carrier or battleship. Taking advantage of its low FOV is also a good strategy.
  • The Twinbrid is still not as strong as tanks such as Twisted Hybrid and Twin Machine.



  • The Twinbrid and the other Hybrid tanks' names derive from the original Hybrid tank from diep.io.
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