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Disambig.png This article is about the normal twinceptionist. For the ceptionist that fires twins, see Twinceptionist².

The Twinceptionist is a Tier 4 tank that branches from the Ceptionist.


The Twinceptionist looks like the Twin, but it has a dark circular turret on top of the body with a rectangular barrel on the turret.


The Twinceptionist shoots weaker bullets with dark barrels in front of them, but twice as fast due to it having two barrels. Like the Ceptionist, the turret does nothing and is there for decoration.


The Twinceptionist upgrades from the Ceptionist.png Ceptionist at level 45 and does not upgrade any further.


As the Twinceptionist

  • The Twinceptionist has one the the highest dps for a tank, with only tanks like the Courser being able to outpenetrate it. As such, you will be able to fight most tanks and bosses easily.
  • The smaller bullets can help clear out traps for the bigger bullets, which makes the Twinceptionist great at killing most tanks.
  • The Twinceptionist is valuable in Domination and Boss Rush due to the sheer amount of damage.

Against the Twinceptionist


  • It has a lower-danger value than almost all the tanks in the game so long-ranged bosses nearly never target Twinceptionist.


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