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The Twisted Hybrid is a tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Bent Hybrid, Bent Machine, Napalm, the Bent Pounder, and the Heavy Hybrid at level 60. It was made by the one and only Hellcat on 09/20/2018


The twisted hybrid has a circular body with a trapezoidal turret like Machine Gun, a wider turret like Blaster in front and AI Drone turret in back.


The tank has similar stats to Bent Machine with the addition of a Basebrid drone spawner.


The Twisted Hybrid upgrades from the following at level 60:

As a tier 5 tank, it doesn't upgrade any further.


As the Twisted Hybrid

  • This tank is easy to use as a bullet spammer because of its high rate of fire, and strong bullets. Several of these tanks can be great defences against celestials.
  • Try not to be too cocky and fight tanks that can swarm you quickly or outgun you.
  • It is strongly recommended to invest points into bullet related points as even though ramming is not out of the question, but what would you obviously go for? Ramming, or dominating tryhards with your bullets?
  • If you are going in boss rush as a bullet spammer, this tank is a great go-to.
  • One build of this tank to maximize bullet power is 0/0/3/9/9/9/9/3/0/0.
  • Another great build is 0/0/7/7/7/7/7/7/0/0, actually, to be honest any build that is akin to 0/0/9/7/6/6/7/7/0/0 is ideal.
  • The best way to maximize efficiency of the Twisted Hybrid is to ignore entities behind you.
    • Although sounding counterintuitive, the AI controlled drones will do a decent job of taking care of your flank.
  • Because the Twisted Hybrid has a quick reload but a somewhat wide spread, accuracy is decreased.
    • Watch out for sniper class tanks with high penetration.
  • Avoid The dreaded Splatterer At all costs, because you may not know when it decides to charge at you, so if it is targeting you, Dont. Stop. Firing. OR ELSE... you will be absolutely devastated by its menacing jump ability.
  • A Redistributor can kill you if you dont kill it fast enough
  • Be wary of the Penta-Machine, as it also is a no-nonsense bullet spammer and can force you into a stalemate and while you can really hurt it, you might get wiped out by it

Against the Twisted Hybrid

  • Now, even though the firepower of this tank is no joke, it doesnt have any protection on the sides nor rear, and if you arent careful enough, you can easily die. Below are some ways to kill this tank:
  • Drones, preferably with high speed (think Mercenary branch), can overwhelm the Twisted Hybrid
  • High DPS coupled with high reload can easily defeat the Twisted Hybrid,
  • Hitting it from the back using Sniper class can deal very high damage, but disable autofire and use left click since it would know where you are shooting from and would lead you to being KOed by this powerful bullet spammer.
  • Whatever you do, DONT. USE. GROUNDWIRE. Groundwires are food for this tank as you can simply just outpenetrate their wimpy bullets and yeet them to the land of dead tanks