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The TIE-Fighter is a Tier 5 Ship that branches from the A-Wing at level 60. It has the ability to break and make its parts fly everywhere, similar to Obi-Wan's Ship.


The TIE-Fighter was added on 12 June 2020, and was buffed silently the same day after it was found to be extremely underpowered because you know TIE-Fighters suck. It was however, suggested 3 days earlier. It never went through a beta testing phase as is common. It was Buffed again on 14 June. It was temporary removed (because TIE-Fighters suck), and readded on 19 October 2020


The TIE-Fighter features a ship with a hexagonal body, and two hexagonal wings. The wings have two barrels, each firing weak bullets at a high rate of speed with high recoil. The ship can break at any time with right click.


The TIE-Fighter has reasonable movement speed and high reload. There is 3 seconds of cooldown between destroying. The TIE-Fighter's main bullet fires weak boosting bullets which are many times more weaker than normal boosting bullets.


The TIE-Fighter upgrades from the A-Wing at level 60.

The TIE-Fighter is a level 60 ship and cannot upgrade from any other ship.


As the TIE-Fighter

  • It sucks, have you even watched Star Wars?
  • Whenever possible, destroy your ship and use the Millenium Falcon instead.
  • For farming and some sort of rudimentary defense, try not to use this Ship, it's terrible

Against the TIE-Fighter


  • TIE-Fighter was used by Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, but exploded both times.
  • Originally, it was meant to be good, however there were too many budget cuts because of the tax on the Death Stars 1 and 2..


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