I'm a content mod here, message me on my message wall if you have questions about the wiki and I'll try to answer them.

I am a fairly active person in the woomy community who enjoys making suggestions. I am the author of all tanks in the composer branch except swarming composer and oldfield. I like to main:

  • Beethoven (insane range, good block speed) -- I got four 1M+s in a row with this tank, including my all-time highschore of 2,428,525 points.
  • Paratrooper (fast drones, makes a whole lot of noise)
  • Hunter, S-hunter, and Vulture (good range, insane range, incredible range, albeit the last zooms so much that it can be uncomfortable).
  • Nightseeker (refer to my joke article for why)

Also this exists lol https://fillygroove-hellcats.fandom.com/wiki/Fillygroove_%26_Hellcat%27s_Wiki

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