This is a satirical page and should not be considered factual information. For the actual page about this tank, see Nightseeker.

The Nightseeker is a Tier 4 Tank upgrading from the Hunter and Huntress at level 45. Its branch is similar to both tanks, with increased FoV, stacked barrels, and invisibility. It is one of the best tanks.


Nightseeker has a circular body and two guns: both of them located in front and stacked on each other. The inner gun is thinner and longer than the outer gun, which is about the size of a Pounder barrel. Like most other invisible tanks, it has a characteristic tapering barrel-- the thicker barrel tapers inwards near its end.


Nightseeker is one of the best tanks. It is similar to Hunter in that it fires a volley of two bullets, but it can turn invisible. However, despite being one of the best tanks it is not OP.

The Nightseeker upgrades from the Hunter and Huntress at level 45.

The Nightseeker can upgrade to Flier, however is superior to it.


As the Nightseeker

The Nightseeker features 2 bullets per shot. It is overall similar to Hunter, yet is superior for no apparent reason even without using its invisibility.

  • As with Hunter, bullet stacking should be considered for part of one's strategy.
  • As with Hunter, you may want to aim such that your second bullet ideally lands a hit.

Against a Nightseeker

Nightseeker is a really good tank, just flee or grovel in front of it unless you're a Kashmir

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