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Hi there, person seeing this, my name is Lauren and i'm just a random player. I play in woomy arras.io as SRP and other "passwords" (such as Silvy and 4NAX). I test tanks and mostly play 4 Team Tag.

Game Stuff

I play mostly as the Annihilator Branch, but i also play as the Hivemind Branch, Switcheroo, Revolutionist branch, Tri-Angle branch and Lancer branch (specially Smasher branch). I'm mostly pacifist.

Other Stuff i play (and my page on their respective wiki)

Favorite tanks (not in order)

  • Basic. Look, who doesn't?
  • Switcheroo. It can switch to tanks without needing to upgrade.
  • Booster. Haha ram go brrrrr
  • Invariant and its branch. I'm pretty annoyed by its Square design because i'm used ONLY to Necromancer (diep, arras & woomy, arras version include Underseer branch) and Factory, but that's what i like the most in the branch. It also mixes mechanics.
  • Annihilator and most of its branch. T h i c c bullets, t h i c c barrel and t h i c c health.

Joke sub-articles i created

Will add.

Gallery test