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In light of recent events, editors, please refrain from creating tank pages en masse with little to no information and vandalizing the wiki. Users that continue to do so will result in a block and the spam pages deleted.


Woomy.Arras.Io Wiki
Woomy.Arras.Io Wiki

Once Fandom finally gets back to me about my adoption of this wiki (which everyone wants apparently) I'll be able to fix a ton of things. So, here is what's gonna be happening pretty quick.

  • FrozenEarth will be the first Admin.
  • Moooosey will be the first Content Moderator.
  • A number of redundant pages are going to be deleted or merged, and a few will be renamed (like Tanks to Tanks (Disambiguation) and Silletto to Stiletto)
  • I will be creating four wikiprojects that people can choose from to work on:
    • WikiProject:Shapes
    • WikiProject:Tanks
    • WikiProject:Bosses
    • WikiProject:Lore
  • I will get a group of people that are good with screenshots and locating and uploading pictures and they (i will be a part of this too) will be the main people putting pictures on pages. This is pretty important, especially for some rare shapes or bosses.

I may add more later on; this is so y'all have a heads-up on the future.

Take care,