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in here i tell you about all my 6 conflicts so let's go


the first conflict (and btw first conflict where other side is not banned)

it started becuse i post AWP-Omega and he rage and start sayin' ''IDIOTS!! THIS IS AWP 30!!!!'' and so on later in Slime Andventure post ''BAn ChiNNES'' we agreed to end this and Leadbear made AWP-Subzero based on ''real AWP-30'' but we still don't like eachother.

Slime Andventure

second conflict take place almost right after first when i started a little bully him and so the conflict started later Bob and me asked his age he didint reply and so Bob reprted him to mods and he got blocked.

Lily Pad 4194

third conflict happen after i beat almost 2M on Propeller (btw it is most unknown conflict and second where other side did not get banned)

it happen becuse i inseted blank space lol and she started insulting me and i reply with insults as well later we decide to not harras eachother again.


in eight words AMOG US SPAM wich later get him blocked.

Richi German

the fifth conflict (btw it's longest conflict most known one and the only conflict wich included editing profile pages of eachother)

it started after Surviv.io blocked and he started to hate me and insult me and later sayin' that he ban me and kill me and edit my profile pic in reply i edit his prfile pic idk why but he went missing for like week but he came back and started to do same stuff as before trying to block and kill me... no suprise that get blocked soon.

Liam The Gamer 12

the sixth and final for now conflict (btw the most peacefull one)

it started after he spam hundreds of comment that say about his ideas later i sent him a waring and he listen and that's it.

The End

so yeah this is the end i will add futher conflicts when they happen.