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Disambig.png This article is about the boss. For the tank, see Vanguard (Tank).

Disambig.png This article is about the boss. For the mini version, see Mini Vanguard.

The Vanguard is a Nest Defender boss that was added with the release of the game.


The Vanguard has an irregular quadrangle base, just like a Phaser. Its irregular quadrangle base is cyan with a darker teal outline. It has an auto-turret on top of its base, and two auto-turrets on its sides. Vanguard has a Trapper cannon at the back.


Vanguard has high speed and like most Nest Defender bosses, medium health. Its trap launcher is used to primarily accelerate the boss, but traps also have high damage, health, and penetration, as well as protecting the boss from the back. Its auto-turrets are very strong, capable of penetrating any tank with low RoF. The unique feature of the Vanguard is that it can turn invisible if no players are nearby. At the moment it is invisible, it cannot be seen on the minimap.


Since Blizzard and Splitter are both high DPS and decent ROF tanks, they have high chances of taking down a Vanguard. However, at the same time, if you are not careful a Vanguard would easily ram you. It doesn't have much ROF or DPS, especially against bosses, but VPN would be the best tank for killing Vanguard, as it will only attack if a non Incognito player or bot is in the same direction as you. If you attacking a Vanguard, always have high bullet penetration and movement speed, as if you have either of these you will likely die to this boss.

One thing is unless you have the chance to 1v1 the Vanguard, do not use tanks with a low rate of fire, as they will get penetrated by surprisingly strong bullets. If you a drone tank or a minion tank with not much speed, try the following strategy. Firstly, lure Vanguard near a rock, while keeping maximum possible distance. Then, move to the opposite sides of the rock and start charging your drones/minions at the Vanguard. Boss will die quickly in this case.

If you are faster than a Vanguard and also have decent bullet damage, you have a different strategy. Firstly, make Vanguard follow you. Then, at a times shoot at the Vanguard with your primary cannon. As the boss has less Shield and health than most bosses, it will take some damage.

Another way of killing a Vanguard is by luring it near a rock, this works ideally with drone and minion classes. Lure the boss near the rock, and come to the opposite side. Always stay at the opposite side, while charging your drones/minions into the boss. This way, it will die quickly.


  • Vanguard is the only boss that can be invisible.
    • If you and Vanguard are in a certain position behind the rock, Vanguard will turn invisible but will still shoot you.
  • It could be considered a "unique boss," as it is the only boss based on that polygon.
  • There is a tank version of the Vanguard called Mini Vanguard. It is playable and is similar to Vanguard.


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