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The Vulcanship is a TESTBED boss that was added on a unknown release date.


The Vulcanship has 2 Rotating shells, The bottom shell, a Hexadecagon, has 16 Vulcan turrets on each side. The middle shell, resembles like an Octo machine. It has a squashed twin turret on the top layer.



Killing Vulcanship is a major challenge, far harder than killing Dropship (Boss) and any other spawnable boss. First you need at least 9 Hexa Builders and 6 Tri Planters to block out bullets. If you are one, put c+e on. Now you need a few Smasher tanks to distract the boss. Now you need 3 Splitters and 5 Triplets to drain its health. Now get 3 Annihilators to drain even more of its health. Lastly, get 3 Acid branch tanks to melt it's health. If you are one, use Kasane because it has high dps and can melt it's health fast. And congrats, you defeated Vulcanship.