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A Waller is a green hexagonal Crasher. It spawns in the Pentagon Nest


The Waller is a concave heptagon with the concavity in the back. The concave part has a Trapper barrel in it.


The Waller is considered one of the most weakest crashers in the game. It has very low health, gives just 1 XP Point and its traps deal no damage. It uses its Trap launcher as a boost. The Waller commonly spawns in the Pentagon Nest.


As said before, this Crasher is one of the most weakest Crashers in the game. However it can be a threat alongside other stronger Crashers. As long as you don't have low health, this crasher is will not become dangerous, but if that's the case then you have to stay alert, this Crasher may be weak but that doesn't mean it can't kill you, you will also have to stay alert from the other Crashers while killing this weak menace. Your best option would be to kill the other Crashers and then kill the Waller, because this crasher doesn't have high speed like most of the Crashers does.


  • The Waller has a rare variant called Wallet.
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