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The Wallet is a large orange crasher that gives more experience than any other crasher in Woomy-Arras.io. It is very rare and gives 25,000 experience upon death.


The Wallet was added on 9 February 2020. It was an idea by Despacit 2.1. It came from when Clarise accidentally misspelled Waller as Wallet.

On 15 June 2020 the experience was halved from 50k to 25k.


The Wallet is an 8-sided polygon with a trap barrel shooting very small, weak traps. The rear of the wallet, where the barrel is placed, is concave, while the front is flat.


The Wallet has about 5 health and gives 25,000 experience upon death. The traps do very little damage. The wallet spawns rarely in the Pentagon Nest, though if many crashers are repeatedly killed it can spawn more frequently.

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