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The Warden is a tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Ranger at level 60.


The Warden's barrel is slightly longer than the Ranger's barrel, but otherwise looks the same.


The Warden shoots fast, powerful bullets with long reload out of its barrel. It has a very large FoV, even bigger than the Ranger's.


The Warden upgrades from the Ranger.png Ranger at level 60. It does not upgrade any further.


As the Warden

  • Use your high FOV to spot tanks from far away.
  • Stay away from bullet spammers. Your FOV is simply too low.
  • Stay away from the Propeller branch. Try to hit them with bullets while they're charging.
  • Hit low-ROF or unaware tanks that are facing away from you.
  • You're pretty much helpless against strong AIs.

Against the Warden

  • Bullet spammers are a good counter against the Warden.
  • While using the Propeller branch, try to dodge the bullets as you charge.
  • Drone tanks work well, but keep a close eye on your tank and dodge the Warden bullets.
  • Lure the Warden near some bots to kill it.



  • A warden is someone who guards or protects something.
  • In the game Minecraft, there is a powerful miniboss called the Warden.
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