Woomy-Arras.io, previously Woomy.Arras.io and also known as Woomy, is a fan-made sequel of Arras.io, itself a fan-made sequel of Diep.io. Woomy Arras was founded in 2017 by Hellcat. The server quickly gained popularity and prestige. The game is the most complex tank .io game ever, with more than 2400 tanks, 100 bosses, 50 shapes, and dozens of unique crashers and sentries. AI players are frequently found. There are seven public servers and one development/event server.

Currently, Hellcat owns the servers, and is supported by a team of moderators, supervisors, and beta-testers. The server has about half the population of the original Arras server, and is considerably more active. The current count as of 17 September 2020 is 3482. The personal domain name, "woomy-arras.io" was purchased in March 2020 and soon became active.


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Woomy Arras.io was created in 2017 by Hellcat. It was originally a single server, but in February 2020 it expanded to 4 servers, and on 1 June 2020 the servers were again overhauled and 4 new servers were added. For a time, Clarise was also a developer, but she left in September 2020 due to disinterest and real life activities.


Woomy-Arras is played similar to Arras.io, where players control tanks and fight with others. They can choose from the huge variety of tanks and use their stat points to upgrade aspects of their stats, such as attack damage, health, and much more. There are many different polygons with different health, shapes, and points that spawn in the game often. The 7 playable gamemodes (excluding the dev server) can put players in teams, fight waves of bosses, control powerful dominators, wander through mazes, and hop through portals.


For more information on each gamemode, see their respective pages.

  • Free For All (FFA) - No teams, usually the most active server.
  • 4 Team Deathmatch (4TDM) - Four teams (Red, Blue, Purple, and Green), the second most active server usually. The dominating team usually has most of the AI players after a few hours or so.
  • 2 Team Deathmatch (2TDM) - Two teams (Red and Blue), usually very quiet.
  • 2 Team Domination (2DOM) - Two teams (Red and Blue), fight for control of all of the dominators and the corners of the map and at the center.
  • Portal Domination (PDOM) - Two teams (Red and Blue), fight for control of 4 dominators in an arena split into four areas, each accessible by a portal. Commonly used for shape farming.
  • 4TDM Maze (4MAZE) - Four teams (Red, Blue, Purple, and Green) wander around a complex randomly generated maze. There are no team bases.
  • Boss Rush (BR) - One team (Blue) fights against 15 waves of powerful bosses, mostly AWPs.
  • Developer Server (DS) - No teams, used by beta testers and for occasional events.



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