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Welcome to the Woomy-Arras.io Wiki community portal!

Here editors can discuss ongoing projects and decide changes to the wiki.


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Guidelines for writing notes:

1. Organize notes near other related notes
2. Provide a logical title
3. Please sign your note with your username and the time in UTC at least.
Use --~~~~ preferably to make this format:
--Sampledude (talk) 0:00, 1 January 2014
4. Move Wiki Messages that have been resolved for over three weeks to this page's talk page.
5. Please write all notes in the: 'Wiki Suggestions & Messages' section at the bottom for now.


We have rules on our wiki to make this place a good one as we develop. Also read the terms of service and privacy policy.

  • Please do not harass any user, no matter the circumstances. We want a nice community and not a toxic one.
  • Please try to edit this wiki often to keep everything up to date and keep our information valid.
  • Please make an effort to keep our information valid, neat and structured. Always keep pages organized into sections for neatness's sake. Along related lines, keep pages unbiased and serious. Humor can be used, but should mainly be done so in user pages. For instance, something like this is acceptable as long as it stays in the user namespace. It would not be acceptable in the main namespace.
  • Keep your fanon in the user namespace as well. The main namespace is restricted to canon.
  • Only edit a page if you know that the facts you are putting on the page are true. Please do not spread misinformation.
  • If you have any questions regarding the wiki, just ask an admin or moderator on our discord!

Page Creation Reminders & Guidelines

Category:Wiki Policies is a great starting point for resources that will be useful as you create and edit pages.

  • Images of Tanks: For the main infobox image, enable screenshot mode in Woomy's options, then upgrade to the tank and take a screenshot of it (preferably blue and Light Colors-themed). You can also create a transparent image of a tank using third-party image editors. Both are allowed.
  • Links: when linking to a wiki page, please do not use external links even if the pages do not exist.
    • Don't be afraid of redlinks! As long as we will eventually need those pages, redlinks are OK.
  • Again, do not add bias or fanon to the main namespace. Keep them in your userpages.
  • Make your words as technical as possible. We don't want very broad or general wording like "This tank only adds an extra gun". Make sure to describe details.
  • Spelling and grammar: there is something call spellcheck. Make sure you check your spelling and grammar!
  • On each page, make sure there is enough content to worthy it being a page by itself. It should be longer than five sentences at least, make sure to include all the content needed. Do not create blank or negligible pages deliberately.
  • If you are unsure on how to create a page, refer here or read any GP status pages.

Wiki Suggestions & Messages

  • If you edit tank page, plz use new template "Tank/Upgrades_from".

JupsZzz (talk) 00:47, 6 January 2021 (UTC)